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4 min readJan 5, 2021

It has been 5 years since i set any goals that aren’t just about presence.

I’ll explain my focus for 2021 from longterm to short term and outward to community.

I’m nervous, goals that are smart are dangerous! — they give license to the systematic mind, they shut down our relational and long term thinking! — they are powerful and they turn life, which is not a game — into a game which can be optimised, and the challenge for me is I can enjoy optimising too much! :)

I manage this tension through changing my environment as I am a sponge for my environment and what i create emerges from my intelligence flow and is always done in partnership with my environment. If I want more goal orientated, systematic thinking I must go to a boring box. If I want more holistic thinking. In this regard I aim to spend at least a fifth of my time OFF Grid this year to complement my ON grid time.

I think we are at the beginning of the ‘hybrid decade’ where we build bridges between paradigms and attempt to cross them from the world we inherited to the world we must create. — this year with COVID has been a painful but useful allegory for the path we must continue down.

In one week the UK will be out of EU and will be reorganising from scratch and we must take this opportunity to start building these bridges.


— —

In 2021 we hope to plant 10,000 agroforestry trees (up from 1,000 last year) to develop our corco coin economy. The is £100k worth of currency — and growing! — aiming for logarithmic expansion, 10x each year.

We will also need to gather the allometry from first years growth, build and release the actual CORCO coins to TREE token holders and release V2 of the app.

By 2023 we aim to have completed 1m x 1m. That is 1 million trees & 1 million unique relational connection. showing to the capital investors of the world that this asset is stable in its day to day value and as a good store of value as the trees show growth over first 3 years.

By 2030 we aim to have invested in 1 trillion trees making corco coin the largest currency on the planet rerooting our global economy.

— —

The desire to invest in an alternative space depends in part on how likely we think existing systems are to serve our needs and this is predicated on who we think we are! — at the end of my oxford union debate i found…



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