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David Erasmus
2 min readMar 29, 2021

it has been a minute since i added to this repository…

this guy reckons the alpha & beta waves are forbrain activity https://youtu.be/v1ojZKWfShQ?t=129 which is measurable by my Muse headset

I just bought elite HRV to measure the state of the heart and middle brain amygdala. https://elitehrv.com/

This study is trying to show a correlation between fear and forbrain but it is a couple steps removed from the centre as it comes via hippocampus to forbrain. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/09/140915165258.htm

Utilizing electroencephalography (EEG), Dr. Hart’s research team identified theta and beta wave activity that signifies the brain’s reaction to visually threatening images.

“We have known for a long time that the brain prioritizes threatening information over other cognitive processes,” explained Bambi DeLaRosa, study lead author. “These findings show us how this happens. Theta wave activity starts in the back of the brain, in it’s fear center — the amygdala — and then interacts with brain’s memory center — the hippocampus — before traveling to the frontal lobe where thought processing areas are engaged. At the same time, beta wave activity indicates that the motor cortex is revving up in case the feet need to move to avoid the perceived threat.”

Interesting that first source mentions beta waves for cognition and so does the latter for response to threatening images.

This final piece looks at the relationship with flow states and brain waves https://www.cwilsonmeloncelli.com/the-5-brain-waves-and-its-connection-with-flow-state/ alpha and theta being flow states. Maybe we can redefine what it means to be an ‘alpha’ in society! :) one who generates gentle momentum.

I am interested in looking to establish a base line each day with simultaneous measurement for a period of 5 minutes.

Then at the end of the working day look to complete a control task and looking to see performance based on positioning of hrv x muse compared to baseline.

What the control task is is a difficult question and how it is measured is also a difficult question.


Can the muse headset give us the stanovich deliniation of algo and reflective system 2 activations or just broadly the forbrain lighting up?

Can we measure for creativity in any meaningful way?

Is beautiful irrationality different to flow state? if so how?



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