Cause of Causes

David Erasmus
6 min readSep 23, 2022

i liked the queen and on an individual level we will miss her dearly and indeed david attenborough when he eventually passes. to hold individuals in the realm of the gods is a tough thing to do but she has held it well and has no doubt taken some of the pressure away from the leaders of UK’s system.

but there is a deeper transition taking place. the queen as head of state and head of the church has held together in her being the CAPITALISATION of both God and Monarch for a generation longer than it might otherwise have managed. Our conception of monarch and political system fundamentally is grown at the feet of Our beliefs about what human beings are and how they relate to God, god(s) nil or unknown.

Watching the crown last night with chloe we saw a depiction of the queen being indoctrinated at eton in her ‘dignity’ and the others role as ‘the efficient’, the dignified being only answerable to God and the efficient, answerable to her.

this conception of god as king isn’t the only starting point from which we can form expressions of identity and social order.

i light up when i hear darwin’s grandfathers more magnificent description of that beyond Our comprehension — the ens entium.

Before the ideas were taken to their reductive limits through his grandson Charles, Grandfather darwin, in his heavy tome zoonomia wrote ecstatically…

Whilst i admire this apparent awe and wonder I do tend towards gillian beer’s reflections that, ‘darwin infers too much.’ beer said that language “puts man at the center of signification”. Further, the very idea of agency, which is inherent in language, implies purpose and teleology regardless of whether the author accepts the idea that an organism is “willing” or striving to change.

Inspite of grand unknowing we must find ways to say what we can and what we can’t to cultivate some kind of sense of self in Our early years, a form, a suit, a sort of box we can wrestle out of as we mature. this is no doubt what Our ancestors did when they conceived of the king and kingdom labels, but we must imagine once again, given what we know and what we don’t what tools we have to share Our sense of togetherness, of values and to produce meaning and i think grandfather darwins ‘being of beings’ with beers added critique on the implied teleology laced in the language itself presents an exciting alternative starting shape for our impression of god, therefore ourselves and indeed our kings and leaders.

So, to take matters a little further, what is this ‘being’ we speak of? this human beingness — what is inside it? — this ontologically subjective experience about which we are still yet to make all that many sciencey epistemologically objective claims?

As far as i can see in life, that which we value most in Our best moments is love, adventure and art. if we value them, how can we produce them? How do we believe that these moments of aliveness can come from as many of us as possible? How do we believe it is in Our human nature? do we believe that at the heart of being is love and naturally creativity as a response to that deep interconnectedness that deep love breeds? As we become aware of it Our identity shifts to something that appears as sacrificial love to the observer but experienced to the participant as easy flow

in latin this can be described as the archetypal creatrix-amorum the creative lover, laced with motherly and pluralised connotations very different to the essence of the shape that a king holds.

Can we believe that the ultimate is indeed an artist in flow? if it is the case that Our being is flowing from the cause of causes then maybe we are coming from creativity & love. or at least to Our developing sense of awareness this is the langauge which might gently guide us in a helpful direction. this is radically different from our king and kingdom, dignity and efficient and latterly in late stage capitalism expressed as ‘homo-economicus’ rational man.

Our political and religious structures are ultimately out-workings of Our conception of god and human nature. we are not the efficient, the rational man. I believe that if we are to say just one thing about humanity it is more true to say that our essence is that of the creatrix amorum than of the economicus. This is vital to understand if we are to have a shot at transcending our current political and economic paradigm which in marco expression is half way to destroying our planet and all of its denizens including humans.

This creative loving spirit does however need scaffolding, support, good planning and rationality to keep us safe. To consider if the apparent moments of transrational behaviour are infact subrational strategists seeking to come as wolves in sheeps clothing to take from us as we open ourselves to this powerful mode of human being.

The structures we have are not to be burned at the stake, they serve a purpose but to be held in different ways to support us best in the future. i think it is best for Our wellbeing if we seek the decapitalisation NOT the decapitation of both God and King. if we will hold a more humble but valuable advisory seat for both god and king in Our lives. An organic seat made of wood, a living seat, arranged around a table of community and care. not laced in gold with a crown too heavy to be healthy to bare then we can evolve the old systems to unlock new life.

It is clear that the mainstream church is looking to reinforce it’s relationship between God as King and indeed the structure of monarchy.

In a little church in Sussex, one i have indeed enjoyed contemplating in myself, a pure welsh hymn from the regeneration of spirit which occurred a century ago, its essence has been apprehended in order to hit hard in reinforcing this relationship once again. The opening lines changed from ‘ here is love vast as the ocean’ to tears and celebration for a dignified life. The lines changed from open wonder and awe to God like hero celebration.

my encouragement to dear friends in the church is to Stop wasting time worshipping a rational God, King of the empire. god in the age of algorithms and blockchains that will connect with our kids is a caring creative force, the cause of causes. wonder in the unknowing and enjoy scratching beneath the surface of words and numbers that help us build more scaffolding for magical moments in peoples daily lives. heaven is realised here on earth now in one good moment at a time.

Any god built on the teleology of predestination will not compete in a world waking up to it’s creative and loving source. it may be nations next to be decapitalised but lord i hope we don’t decapitate them.

let us believe in an irrational unknowable god force, let us grow spaces and songs and live our lives and important moments in wonder and awe at this reality and feel its interconnected source in the glimmering light we all possess.

if we focus on this, our way of creation, connection and community across the globe will naturally transform into the likeness of the god we create with, the creative lover.



David Erasmus

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